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5 Tips for Better Air Quality In Your Home

There is enough pollution in the air today, but in your home you want the best air quality to help keep you breathing and feeling your best. Here are 5 Tips for better air quality in your home. 

1. Change your heating and air system's air filters every month

Heating and Cooling Manufactures recommend changing your system’s filters once a month to help keep your system running well and help keep the air quality in your home clean. Next time you change your filters (especially if it’s been a while) take a look at all the dust build up on the filter. You’ll be happy to change that out and so will your system. 

2. Knock Pollution out of your home's air with an air scrubber

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor environments are around 2-5 times as polluted as the air outdoors, and occasionally up to 100 times as polluted! The EPA has ranked indoor air pollution as one of the top 5 environmental dangers facing our planet. 

An Air Scrubber is a wonderful piece of technology that attaches to your forced air system’s duct work. But how does it work? Well, when your system pushed air through your duct work your air scrubber uses a UV germicidal light to help kill those nasty bugs, like the flue or common cold,  that make us sick. Air Scrubbers negatively charges the air in your home which makes stuff like dust and dander drop out of the air. This is the same type of technology that mold remediation experts use. This is also the same type of technology they used at the Pentagon after 9/11. 

3. Regular Preventative Maintenance

First, heating and cooling manufactures recommend to having your system maintenance twice a year; once in the cooling season and once in the heating season. How does this help with your indoor air quality? Well glad you asked. During your regular preventative maintenance we check to make sure everything is in proper working order as well as give your system a light cleaning and we can let me know if we see anything of concern like mold or mildew that could be affecting your indoor air quality and your health. Click Here for more information about our Preventative Maintenance Memberships.

4. Monitor carbon monoxide levels

This one is SUPER important if you have gas appliances such as a gas furnace, stovetop, and water heater. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a harmful odorless gas that can be a silent killer. Install a CO dedector on every level of your home and outside of bedroom doors. Test your detector(s) at least every two weeks. 

5. Have your Duct work Cleaned

Most of the time its out of sight out of mind but dirty duct work can make you sick. We recommend having your duct worked cleaned my a professional at least once every 1 to 2 years. Although this is not a service we provide we highly recommend our friends at Lint Free, LLC

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